Holden Arboretum & Cleveland Botanical Gardens Summer Camps

By Holden Forests & Gardens March 9, 2024

At the Holden Arboretum in Kirtland and the Cleveland Botanical Garden in University Circle, we offer nature-focused summer camp programs featuring adventurous and educational activities. Daily activities include hiking, primitive fishing and ziplining, which will keep the mind and body active during the summer months.

Holden Arboretum Summer Camps bring immersive, nature-based activity to all age groups. Campers will explore our diverse ecosystems, experience wildlife from all angles, and develop an understanding of the importance of our natural world. Explore all the creatures that buzz, crawl, swim, and soar around Holden! Campers will embark on a thrilling journey to explore the diverse and fascinating living things that inhabit our planet. From tiny insects to majestic mammals, every creature has a story to tell. Campers are encouraged to become naturalists, learning to observe, appreciate, and respect the biodiversity around them. 

Cleveland Botanical Garden Connection Camps will connect campers with the natural world with immersive play, cultural exploration and collaboration with peers. Through the concept of immersive play, Garden Connection Camps teach the many connections between all living things, from the web of friends they make to the butterflies they release on their first day of activities. Campers will be led on a traveling investigation to decipher clues scattered throughout neighboring cultural institutions as they unravel the secrets of a mysterious disappearing ghost orchid. Daily projects from our sensory lab, like a slimy cell study and botanical bubble brines, will stimulate curious minds to create natural solutions collaboratively. By the final day of their week, campers will unite to overcome a challenge course and apply what they learn to design fun plant-inspired games. 

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